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Wolcott Foundation Fellows
George Washington University
Class of 2023 - Graduating in 2025

Abigail Martin

Ashley Alessandra

Claire Callahan

Julian Enriquez

Gabriella Fisher







The Wolcott Foundation thanks you for your contribution to assist Future Wolcott Fellows at George Washington University.

Wolcott Senior Fellows Recognized with Fellowship Certificate

The Board of Trustees of the Wolcott Foundation have recognized Wolcott Senior Fellows by mailing them a diploma style certificate acknowledging their receiving a Wolcott Fellowship, while attending George Washington University in Washington, DC.

The certificate, similar to a University Diploma was sent to over 300 known Wolcott Senior Fellows at their last known mailing address. Approximately 30 were returned as undeliverable by the USPS. If you are a Wolcott Senior Fellow and did not receive your certificate, please contact Wolcott Chairman, Michael E. Clark at the address listed on this website.

Thank you to the Wolcott Senior Fellows who responded in letter and/or contribution after receiving their certificate.


Wolcott Foundation Fellowships are awarded to U.S. citizens who are attending or applying to
the George Washington University School of Business, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration, or the Elliott School of International Affairs.
These awards are designed to encourage young scholars with outstanding academic, civic, and social credentials to pursue public service careers.
High Twelve International is an association of Master Masons.